Surf camp in the Algarve



The view from the rooftop terrace at the surf hostel I stayed at

As mentioned in my previous post I embarked on a journey to a surf camp in Lagos, Portugal. The week went by way too fast, and I’ve (sadly) already made it back to Copenhagen.
I am currently sitting at my favorite cafe with a chai latte, intensely hitting the keys on my keyboard as I try to document my latest adventures and experiences.

I had a really good trip. The weather was absolute shit the most of the time, but surfing, daily yoga, great people, amazing food, lots of sleep and a little bit of partying made the week a great one regardless.

It’s my second time visiting the Surf Experience in Lagos, and definitely not my last. By now the place kind of feels like a second home (or maybe fifth, by now I have a lot of places I like to call home). I stayed in the same room, visited the same restaurants, surfed the same beaches and hit it off with the same instructors, it’s all familiar and safe by now, and I love it. However, there is an always changing factor about going back; the other guests. On my last visit we became a very tight knitted group, this visit the group didn’t become as much of a family, but I still met some interesting people.

David the top notch hairdresser with his own salon in Manchester, who has previously lived in China, LA and other cool places, all while working as a hairdresser. Millie, an up and coming freelance graphic designer who lives in Cornwall, England. Martti, who lives in Helsinki, Finland, with a sauna in his apartment. He works for Microsoft and is in charge of the 1500 partners that the finish part of the company has. Vaughn and Shannon, the badass, funny, surfer couple that have lived in more countries than I can count to. Shannon being a freelance copyrighter and Vaughn working in oil. Lukas and Nathalie, works in wrestling and as a yoga teacher respectively. Amanda, a Canadian school teacher currently living in England and last, but not least, Vosko, a Rumanian barber that loves, and live in, Ireland. Add all of those people up and add a touch of a danish/american crazy auditor as well as a few surf instructors and you’ve basically set yourselves up for a very interesting week.

At the Surf Experience they have a handful of different beaches they go to, depending on the conditions that day. On my last visit I went to three different beaches, this time five different ones. My favorite of these beaches, which currently has a place in my heart as my favorite beach in the world (out of the ones I’ve visited at least), is Vale Figueiras. The most beautiful beach on the west coast of Portugal. We went here on the last two days of my visit, and I managed to catch the best wave I’ve ever ridden and nearly drown, all in one day.

Anyways, I’ll let the pictures below tell the rest of the story.

The neighbour house to the place where the Surf Experience keep all of their surf boards and wet suits. I love the view of the historic part (the center) of Lagos from here


The view seen on the drive to Vale Figueiras, my favorite beach. To get to the beach you have to go through a 20 minute bumpy ride through a national park, a beautiful trip


The world famous Praia Dona Ana beach located in Lagos. This beach is crazy beautiful and for a second there made me feel like I was in Thailand with the cliffs in the ocean. It’s very rare that this beach is surfable (has waves), which is sad, since surfing with that view would be spectacular


Heading out for the daily surf sitting in the back of the surfmobile with my shark printed leggings. While on surfing vacation I’ve decided that leggings works as pants, but only then!! 


A beach on the south coast of Portugal called Porto de Mos. Here you see our foamies (foam surf boards mainly used by beginners) and the flags used by the instructors to fence in our area on the beach. I still haven’t progressed on to a “real” surf board – that’ll be the goal for my next trip. I did try a longboard one day and was able to ride it, but I want eventually ride a short board


One of the roof top terraces at the Surf Experience surf hostel. To be honest I was only up here once; on the last night I ate chocolate cereal up here with Millie after our night out. We were planning on doing roof top beers, but when we returned to the house the cereal sounded better. During my last visit I spent waaay too much time up here drinking G&T’s and eating cheese and olives. I actually turned the bench you see to the left in the picture into a bar with my favorite fellow surfer, the british/russian Martin, during my last stay – I was pretty proud to see that it still works as a bar four months later


I wish I could’ve brought this plant from Porto de Mos home with me – it would look great in my living room


One day the conditions were shit, so we spent about three hours driving around trying to find decent waves. On our little roadtrip we found this guy, a working artist that lives in this van, parked very far away from all other living creatures. Pretty cool! I kind of regret not buying a piece of art from him.. That would’ve been a nice memory to have


Me jumping out of happiness from having my very own bright orange wetsuit and being able to catch dreamy waves in it at Vale Figueiras


Griff, one of the surf instructors, on top of the surfmobile in the parking lot of Vale Figueiras. Every day starts with loading the mobile up with our boards wet suits and most importantly the lunch. Then the drive towards the waves start


(and surfing) … Wise words on the back of the surfmobile

That’s it for now.

// Annika

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