10 things you have to deal with after returning from surf camp


I always get a bad case of the holiday blues when returning from a trip. However, returning from surf camp is definitely the worst. Here’s 10 reasons why:

1. It’s not okay to bend over, put your finger over one nostril and blow water/snot/whatever is in there out of your nose in public anymore

2. Leggings aren’t pants, and your bikini isn’t a full outfit

3. Talking about that life changing wave you caught isn’t gonna fly with your friends and coworkers (unless they surf themselves). For some reason non-surfers doesn’t get why you look like you’ve recently just fallen in love and are flopping around on cloud nine in a different universe when you talk about your wave. It’s just doesn’t make sense to them

4. It’s not acceptable to wear flip flops to your corporate job

5. You have to sleep without sand in your bed – who am I kidding, this one is easy

6. Accepting the fact that there is a job that involves being at the beach and surfing everyday, but that it’s not your job. Even worse, your job, which involves sitting at a desk for a minimum of 7 hours a day, isn’t even close to that

7. Getting your wet suit on probably isn’t the biggest struggle of your day anymore

8. You can’t just pee in your pants whenever you want to. For some odd reason normal clothes isn’t designed to hide it the way a wetsuit is

9. Living 10 minutes from an ocean, that has no waves. What is even the point of an ocean then?? Cooooome on

10. You all of a sudden don’t get 4 hours of exercise every day from surfing. This means that you can no longer eat gelato and drink wine everyday, nor can you eat unlimited amounts of cheese and olives as a starter every night without it showing on your figure

// Annika

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