Hit me with your Best Shot

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“Hit me with your best shot, why don’t you hit me with your best shooooot” I was belting out as we drove towards the parking lot down a dusty road. The destination was Best Shot Range and the daily adventure was our new family christmas tradition, shooting.

Since I’m currently spending my christmas break with my family in Texas we’ve been up to a few different things. The usual family activity would be something like long walks on the beach, hiking or maybe even shopping, but since my parents are now permanently living in Houston, Texas, we decided to mix things up a bit.

When we first talked about shooting at christmas I thought it sounded like an awful and morbid idea, but the more I thought of it the thought of holding a gun in my hand during the celebration of love and family grew on me. I’m always up for trying new things, and this was so abnormal compared to our usual traditions that it somehow fit right in, so off we went.

The “view” seen from the waiting room at the shooting range. I stood here and crept myself out as I was waiting for it to be our turn

When we arrived to the range I could tell that I wasn’t completely comfortable with the situation as my body felt a bit uneasy. People ran in and out of the place carrying more guns and riffles than I have seen before. A family walked out of there carrying 10 different guns. Now this sort of scene might be normal in Texas, but it was all very new to me.

I think everyone in my family felt a bit misplaced in there as my dad explained to the man helping us out that we were all completely new to this. Luckily the staff at the range were incredibly nice and helpful, even during one of their busiest times on a saturday afternoon.

Split in to two groups we got lane two and three, 2 Barrett guns, 4 targets, 100 bullets, 4 pair of glasses and 4 set of ear muffs. We put on our safety gear, walked through two doors and boom, we had made it in to Texas heaven.

The gun my dad and I shot with. So incredibly weird to be holding a gun

My first thought was “Oh it smells like fireworks” then a parade of shots were fired and I really just wanted to get the hell out of there. I felt extremely uncomfortable and had to focus on not screaming every time a shot was fired.

My dad and sister shot the first round, and even after they had finished their first shots I still didn’t feel too good about the situation.
I told my dad that I really didn’t feel comfortable shooting, but knowing that I would have huge regrets if I didn’t I took the gun into my hands and got in position. “Are you sure it doesn’t hurt?” “How does it feel after you pull the trigger?”

After my dad had answered my million of questions I eventually ended up pulling the trigger. My first shot ever was around two cm from the X in the very middle of my target.

The thought of how many shots are fired in Texas every damn day is absolutely CRAZY

Very focused. The first shot I took hit right in the middle. My dad and I looked at each other both very impressed with my newly acquired skills as a shooter. For a second there we might have even reconsidered my future as an auditor, since I was obviously meant to have a gun in my hand. But as I shot the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time it was pretty obvious that it was just an impressing case of beginners luck – too damn bad

Best father and daughter selfie yet – The protection glasses and ear muffs did wonders to the shape of our faces

Overall it was an absolutely awesome experience. It was definitely way out of my comfort zone, but I love crossing my boundaries.
Definitely an experience everyone needs to have if they ever stop by Texas or any other southern state in the U.S. Or anywhere else really.

The best part is that I now have an awesome, personal, pink art piece (my target) to hang in my living room.

// Annika

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