Upcoming trips


Me on Sanibel Island (Florida) in 2010. I bet I had no idea how much traveling I’d be planning on doing in 2016.

So I just got back from my christmas break in Houston, Texas. A trip that included an overnight stay in New Orleans.
Being my travel loving self I am (obviously) already planning the next adventures.

Working in auditing means that I have my busy season straight ahead of me. With the year-end closing and time of the year for annual reports for 90% of the clients we have at my company, these next few months are gonna be all work, work, work for me. This leaves little to no time for traveling, but I have managed to squeeze in a short trip to Florence for easter to visit three of my best friends from the states that are studying abroad there.

For summer I am still deciding on my plans, but what is currently on the drawing board is a short trip to Texas combined with a week surf camp in Costa Rica as well as a week long surf camp in Nicaragua.
If I can stretch my money far enough I might also add a week of surfing at my beloved surf camp in Portugal.

Way out in the future I am planning a weekend trip to Barcelona for my Birthday in September and possibly another weekend trip in early December to Paris, London or maybe Berlin.
Last but not least I am hoping to do christmas in Sweden with my family.

WOW, that would be an amazing year. I just splurged today and bought my ticket to both Florence and Barcelona, so it is happening. Such an awesome way to spend January 1st.
One thing I know is that 2016 is going to be a year filled with travel, adventures, new experiences, people and great food. Hell yeah.

Oh and, happy New Years guys!!!!

// Annika

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