First day in Florence (Day 1)


A few months ago I announced that I was on my way to Florence to visit my best friend, who had decided to study abroad in gelato central of the world.

I had planned to write all about it after the trip, but life got in the way. At this moment I have just started my next trip, but as it took a different turn than I expected I am now stuck in Brussels airport for a solid 6 hours. So why not take my mind for a venture down the italian memory lane I thought.

I had a layover in Vienna and ended up on a miniature plane. I always hope to avoid planes with propells like this, but there wasnt much to do about it. Capturing this beautiful picture made it worth it.

I booked my ticket January 1st. I knew Florence was in Italy (obviously), why I expected beautiful buildings, lots of historic charm and great food. I also knew that the Jersey Shore crew filmed a season of their show in Florence, and the people there did NOT like it. Bad publicity I guess. Other than that I really didn’t know much about it.

In a situation like that Google is a great companion, so when my best friend asked me what I wanted to see I actually had a few things on my list. I wanted to experience the view of the city, drink coffee on top of a department store with a  great view of the dome, I wanted to see the David statue and go on a day trip to Cinque Terre. Most importantly however, I just wanted really good food. This is how the trip turned out:

Florence day 1 (Thursday): I arrived to the tiny Florence airport at 1 pm and caught a 6€ bus to the grand central station. I purchased a dictionary, yes a real tiny book, not an app, and practiced my Italian all the way on the bus. When I arrived I had learned how to say hello, goodbye, can I have a glass of wine and thank you. Just enough to get me through four days.

I met my friend at the train statition and together we walked to my Airbnb to drop off my stuff. The apartment wherein I had rented a room was owned by a very nice man and located in the cutest little street.

Just outside my Airbnb beautiful sughts awaitened

After five minutes of chit chatting with the host we were off to get food. My best friend took me to one of her favorite places; Nobile Bistro.

It’s a tiny little panini place owned by the cutest Italian couple. Everything is handmade and incredibly delicious. And cheap. A true win, win, win, especially because they also serve drinks.

Aeporol spritz is the drink of the summer in Copenhagen, so having journied to its mother land I felt it was the perfect moment I experienced a first. When the cute lady heard that I had never tasted one before she freaked out and promised me she would make it the best one ever. Now it wasn’t a Hendricks G&T, but it was pretty damn good.

After having our aeperol spritz virginities taken by a darling Italian women we ventured on into the florentine streets with a little more than just a slight buzz.

We walked through one of the many leather markets in town and I bought a beautiful green coin purse as a nice little travel memory to bring home.

I instantly gave up on my bargaining skills and persuaded Paige into helping me get the wallet for as cheap as possible. She got it down from €15 to €10, so I was happy.

We continued our journey to a cool cafe where I had my first ever cappuccino, what a day of firsts huh! It tasted incredible and was the beginning of four days filled with more coffees than even the worst days at the office.

Straight from the cafe we headed for dinner, with a few pit stops in different vintage stores.

We had dinner at a beloved American college student restaurant called Dantes. I kid you not when I say that 70% of the guest were Americans my age. The food and wine was great, and you get unlimited amounts of the house wine that is homegrown in the adorable Italian owners own winery, so I see why it’s a students dream. However I always prefer local gems, so Dantes won’t be the first place I recommend.

After sharing a bottle of wine it only took me seconds to fall a sleep when I got home after a day of so many new impressions.


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