Eating my way through Florence (Day 2)


I made it to Portugal!!!! As mentioned in my post yesterday my trip took quite a different turn than expected. I left my apartment at 4 am yesterday to catch a flight to Brussels where I had a layover connecting me to Faro. Sadly the plane left Copenhagen an hour late, causing me to miss my flight. I was so tired that I had instantly fallen a sleep when sitting down on the plane, so I had no idea that I was going to miss my flight until 20 minutes before landing in Brussels. At the Brussels airport I got in the crazy long service desk line. While waiting in line I tried calling Brussels Airlines to see if they could help me so I could avoid the long line. I got a hold of a women who spoke poorly English and couldn’t understand that I had made it to Brussels and wasn’t trying to get a flight from Copenhagen. After 10 minutes of trying to communicate I gave up and hung up. An hour and a half later it all got sorted out and I ended up with two new boarding passes; Brussels-Munich and Munich-Faro. So to make the story of a long day really short I arrived at my Surf Camp in Portugal at 2 am, making my usual 5-6 hour trip to Portugal a total of 22 hours. Basically I could’ve been in Australia by now. True travel drama!

However, I didn’t miss a day of surfing and I got to listen to a million really great podcasts, so my day wasn’t bad at all. I was just really tired.

ANYHOW, what I wanted to talk about was the continuation of my last post.

Florence day 2 (Friday): On my second day in beautiful Florence I woke up from my alarm ringing. I opened my eyes extremely confused because of how dark it was for 9 am. Dark meaning 100% pitch black. I checked my phone to see the time, yup, it was 9 am. “Is it really this dark in the morning in Italy!?” I thought to myself. Still not believing it I checked my watch; 9 am. At this point I was so confused with the situation that I ended up texting Paige asking her if it was really the morning – She confirmed, and I came to realize that I was simply just staying in an apartment with the BEST shutters of all time. I’ve never slept in such darkness before and it was incredible. Even though I could’ve slept another 12 hours in that room I got dressed and ready for another day of Italian charm and excessive eating.

First stop of the day was breakfast on top of the department store; one of the things I had googled my way to. I arrived 10 minutes before Paige and sat there enjoying the view of the crazily incredible Dome. When Paige arrived I ordered a cappuccino, a croissant and greek yogurt with strawberries. True bliss. That was probably the greatest place I have ever enjoyed a cup of coffee. It was well worth how overpriced it was.

Paige had class for a few hours, so after walking her to class I was left by myself to explore.

I didn’t have anything planned other than walking around and stumbling upon sights along the way. The first thing I saw was another beautiful church. After looking at it for a while and laughing at the Asian tourist taking selfies with their iPads I decided it was time for my first Italian gelato. Take note that it had been a full hour since breakfast!!

I took the gelato eating so seriously that I didn’t want to just chose a random spot, so I decided to sacrifice the money on the usage of data and put my trust in Yelp for getting me the best gelato of my life. Yelp did not disappoint! I have never ever in my life had ice cream like that. Seriously. Tasting their caramel ice cream for the first time is a moment that I could truly explode into all positive verbs there ever was, but I won’t. I’ll just leave you with; go get it.

To be fair I had three scoops whereof the other two were just really good, not life changing like the caramel.

After the “out of this world” gelato experience I had to find my way back to earth, so I had another cappuccino at a random cafe I spotted on the other side of the river from where the old town is. I’m sure you by now are getting an idea of how much eating/drinking went on on this trip.

Happy off of both gelato and cappuccino the wandering continued. I stumbled upon a garden that looked interesting, so I paid a few euros at the entrance to gain access and walked through the beautiful gates of what I later found out to be the famous Boboli Garden. Oh wow was that a good find! I’ll skip the descriptive writing and let the pictures do the talking on this one.

Wandering the gardens I lost track of time and was all of a sudden in a hurry to go meet Paige after her class had ended. I got to walk across the only original walking bridge there’s left in Florence, the others were destroyed during a war. All along the bridge were jewelers, and only jewelers. I have never seen so much jewelry gathered in one place ever before, it was pretty cool.

For lunch Paige had planned for us to go to Gousta Pizza, a very famous Florence Pizza place that occasionally does heart shaped pizzas. Apparently it wasn’t a good day for me, cause even after charming the waiter I still only got a normal round pizza….. Better luck next time. Regardless of the shape this was the best pizza I’ve ever had. So Gousta managed to steal my heart, even if I didn’t get theirs. Paige and I left our mark there just as most other guests have previously done.

Heading back to Paiges apartment for a well deserved nap we did some window shopping along the way. The cheapest kind of shopping. When we got to the apartment we ended up taking a two hour nap before going to dinner. Food – nap – food. Great pattern.

Paige had made reservations at one of her favorite restaurants, and I ended up being just as impressed as I was with our lunch. We shared a delicious charcuterie and cheese starter and both ordered truffle gnocchi as our main dish. This was only my second time trying gnocchi, but I don’t think it’ll ever taste that good again. My oh my.

We shared a bottle of wine and spent the night having deep conversations about our lives. I shared my live changing gelato experience with Paige, who’s was convinced that she knew a better place than the one I had discovered, so obviously we had to try it out.

We walked a few blocks and got in line for a clearly very popular gelato place. Considering the fact that I had spent 75% of the day eating I only got one small scoop that was enjoyed on the side railing of one of the beautiful bridges. The gelato was good, really good, but it didn’t beat the experience I had had earlier that day. I don’t think any ice cream ever will.

We made our way back to Paiges, watched a movie and off to my Airbnb I went.

Day two over and out.

// Annika

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