Goodbye Flo (Day 4)


I am currently people watching at a Starbucks in the Frankfurt airport, waiting for my next flight to take me to Abu Dhabi, before I eventually end up in Colombo. With a five hour layover I have plenty of time to finish up the tale of my mini Florence trip. 

My flight was leaving in the afternoon, so when I woke up I said goodbye to my Airbnb host and journeyed to Paiges apartment to store my suitcase for the day. 

We went to a little cafe for breakfast, where I enjoyed my last Italian cappuccino and my first Italian cannoli. Definitely better than the ones I’ve tried in the states. On our way to breakfast we had to cross the Florence marathon/half marathon/some other run. So many people were out cheering, and running by the famous duomo they had quite the view. 

I look mad about it, but really iI was quite happy

After breakfast we went to see the David statue. One of the only things I had on my list before arriving. But when we got there the line was so long that I decided no statue would be worth the wait, regardless of how tall, handsome and naked he might be. So the David I’ll have to come back for another time. 

The next activity of the day was a million times better anyways, cause Paige and I were meeting up with one of my long lost American best friends who also studied in Florence for the semester. She had just gotten home from spring break and was ready to spent my last Florentine hours with me. 

After endless hugs we went to get pizza, strawberries and grapes before journeying up one of the mountains encompassing Florence to enjoy the view. 

Such a clear division of the city and the countryside. Both are beautiful


I bought a Mona Lisa poster up there, for some reason I had a vision that it would look great in my living room. Four months later it’s still wrapped up.. I gotta get on that. 

After walking back down it was clear to all of us that we deserved gelato, so we went to one of their favorite places and stocked up. We climbed the wall to jump down on the dried up river where we could sit and devour our ice cream. 

I had a blissful hour of sitting with two of my very best friends in a sunny spot on a river in Florence. There’s something very special about meeting friends around the world. I got to know these two beautiful creatures in Connecticut, and there we were in Florence. A month earlier Paige and I had shared a bottle of wine in Copenhagen. There’s just something about international friendships, especially when it’s the kind where you can go a year without seeing each other, and within two minutes of being back together it feels like you were never apart. 

Sadly it was time to leave. The shitty thing about these friendships is saying goodbye to someone, not knowing when you will see them again. But it’s all a part of the deal. 

A quick walk to the trainstation, a shuttle to the airport, two short flights, a metro ride, a bus and seven hours later I sat down on my couch in Copenhagen. 

Best extended weekend trip. 

// Annika

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