One big adventure coming up

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So! It is July 21st. This is a special day due to two things: 1. It’s exactly six years since I moved to the United States (in three days it is exactly two years since I moved back to Denmark, man time flies) and 2. I’m going to Sri Lanka today!!!!

When the year first started out and I was planning my upcoming trips I thought that a Costa Rica / Nicaragua trip was in the cards for me this summer. Somehow that turned into Sri Lanka instead, and now I’m at the airport, patiently waiting to board my plane.

I have quite the “Annika it is time to move even further out of your comfort zone” trip planned. Five weeks of my own company is what awaits me once my plane takes off. Five weeks exploring a country I have never before been to, in a part of the world I have very little experience with. And you know what? I am SO excited. And a little bit nervous. But as my friend said; “You’re supposed to be nervous. If you weren’t nervous it’s no fun.”

Anyways, it is not like I’m going to be backpacking alone through the entire country for those five weeks, even though that sounds pretty incredible also..
The first two days of my trip I am completely on my own, but that’s about it. I’ll be spending those days in Galle, where I’ve already booked a hostel.
The next week I am staying at a surf and yoga retreat called Sunshinestories, located in Ahangama. They brand themselves on having unlimited fresh coconuts, so I am not complaining. I found Sunshinestories through Instagram about a year ago, and ever since laying eyes on their admirable way of life I have dreamt about testing it out.
For the remaining four weeks I am going to be volunteering at a newly opened hostel in Weligama called Hangtime Hostel. The twist on this is that I am not quite sure what I am going to be doing, but I get free accommodation, yoga and surf board rental in return, so I am a happy camper.

So yeah, the biggest adventure I’ve ever been on is still undoubtedly the one that started in this exact same airport six years ago, but this is the second biggest adventure and I could not be more excited to see what experiences, lessons and friendships it brings me.

// Annika


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