A walk around Galle 


The first full day I had in Sri Lanka was to be spend in the beautiful city of Galle. I woke up in my surprisingly comfortable hostel bed after a much needed 11 hours of sleep.

The hostel I had chosen offered breakfast, so after realizing I only had half an hour left to eat before breakfast was over, I ran downstairs. The cute Sri Lankan man garding the front desk was quick to ask me if I wanted my eggs scrambled or if I wanted an omelet. Quite the service for $12 a night. As I enjoyed my breakfast (which included my first ever papaya. Yum!) I looked into the street laughing at all the Chinese tourist walking by. Every women had to stop in front of this beautiful wooden door that was located straight across from the hostel to get their picture taken. Chinese people and their cameras is such a classic.

The hostel room. My bed is in the far corner

The Pedlar’s Inn Hostel as seen from the street

The night before I had made plans to go to the beach with my new friends, but I quickly realized that I’d be at the beach every day for the next five weeks, why exploring the streets of Galle seemed like a better option.

Galle is the fifth biggest city in Sri Lanka and houses Asias largest remaining fortress built by European occupiers. My hostel was located inside the fort, a UNESCO world heritage, so I quickly decided that a stroll on the fort walls was the best way to start my day. I’ll let the pictures do the talking from here.

 My stay in Galle was much inspired by my Lonely Planet guidebook. The book guided me to the most adorable restaurant for lunch called Mamas Fort Galle. The restaurant consist of one dining table that only seats 5 people, as well as a few tables in the street. When I entered the restaurant a couple was sitting there with their Lonely Planet guidebook out on the table. Quite the advertisement for the restaurant! The place was run by the one and only Mama, a cute little Sri Lankan lady that made an exquisite rice and curry.

After lunch I walked almost all streets of the fort. I was enjoying getting lost on purpose and wandered into many different shops. It really is such an interesting place, especially due to the Dutch heritage which is very obvious on most buildings in the fort.

I ended up shopping a tiny bit as I bought a poster to hang in my apartment. The Sinhalese writing means “village leader.”

After walking in the hot sun for five hours I had gotten pretty exhausted, so I decided to go back to the hostel to lay down. Two hours later I woke up shocked after taking what apparently was a much needed nap. The addition of two new backpacks in my room revealed that I had gotten new roommates while sleeping.

I decided to go back to the fort to watch the sunset, with a quick stopover at Dairy King for ice cream on the way. Great decision.

Back at the fort I was approached by a nice Sri Lankan man. We chatted for 30 minutes and he told me about Galle and how he plays Cricket on the national team. He invited me to come to his cousins restaurant for dinner with him, but still a bit scared from the Lonely Planet take on women traveling alone I turned down his invitation. I regret that now, because meeting the locals really is a special part about this trip.

I ventured back to the hostel and met up with the Irish and the Aussie and went out to dinner. A young Spanish man joined our crew and once again the night was filled with travel tales.

The next day it was time for me to make my way to Ahangama to check into Sunshinestories. For the first time ever I faced the horror of having to repack a backpack…

It just doesn’t seem to fit

// Annika

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