A magical Mirissa night

Adventures, Travels

I had the BEST night in Mirissa on Saturday. It was my last night at the Sunshinestories retreat, so me and the staff went out for a big dinner and lots of drinks. Mirissa is a beach that I’ve had as the background on my phone for the last four months, impatiently waiting to explore it in real life. It did not disappoint.

Sweet Tosca had brought her GoPro, which her, Hanna and I made good use of while exploring Mirissa Bay, trying to contain our excitement for just how beautiful the sunset was that night. 

 It was the kind of night that was almost too good to be true. We couldn’t stop repeating how in love with life we were, as we were dancing our asses off to a way to repetitive techno beat on the sand of a beautiful beach in Sri Lanka underneath the swaying palm trees. We had good food, great drinks, new friends and nice strangers, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better fireworks went off and blended into the sky along with the light show from the beach club that was making its way across the ocean to the rhythm of the music. The cherry on top was skinny dipping in the Indian Ocean before stumbling into a tuk tuk to make our way back to the villa. 

I’ve already made plans to meet them there next Saturday. And the next. And the next. 

// Annika 

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