Hiking Lille Malene

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On our Sunday off of work we went for a hike on Lille Malene. Meaning “Small Malene” in danish, Malene being a girls name.

This was without a doubt the most spectacular hike I have been on, so much that even Hawaii can go home. It was also the steepest hike I’ve done. There were times I looked up the mountain and had to ask my co-worker if he was sure this was hikeable. And to think there is a Store Malene (Big Malene) too…. I’ll save that one for my next visit to Nuuk!

Throughout the hike I was continuously debating with myself whether this was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen or not, and I think it just might be. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.


When walking up the mountain you kept having to turn around to get every aspect of the incredible view that kept getting better with every step you took


I almost sacrificed my life for this picture. Stepping 2 meters up on that rock meant EXTREME wind that I was not prepared for. Whoopsies. Great picture though



Gotta stay hydrated

Yup, I will just see you up there


After climbing the steepest part of the mountain we took a well deserved break in the sun



This lake is located on Lille Malene, and is where Nuuk gets their drinking water from. Pretty cool





Made it to the very top!


I tried to pull of a headstand at the very top of the mountain, but as you can see it didn’t quite work


Feels about reaching the top



One more attempt


Aaaaand there we go


As we headed down the other side of the mountain the sun started to set which gave us the most beautiful light


In the winter this mountain is where you go skiing in Nuuk. Crazy to think with all of the rocks we passed by. We walked back down the mountain along the ski lift

Pretty amazing right?

// Annika

Fjord sailing in Greenland

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On our Saturday in Nuuk, the major event was that our co-worker living in Greenland got to take us out on the company boat.

My-oh-my was that an experience. Seeing icebergs, the mountains up close from the ocean and sitting out the front of the boat while going full speed ahead are all moments I will never forget.

Just see how beautiful it was.


The harbour of Nuuk




Taking pictures of the photographer


Look at that tiny boat!!! Really gives you a perspective of how grand it all was


Feels like flying, I tell you



We brought coffee


Probably one of the best cups of coffees I’ve had. More so because of the surroundings than the actual coffee



I’ve sailed a boat in Greenland – Wuhuu


I feel so lucky that I got to experience all of this.


Taken back by Greenland


Greenland is a place I have been wanting to visit for years, but in my mind it is a destination that is quite hard to travel to. For some reason it is always pushed further down the bucket list and replaced with destinations such as Sri Lanka, Costa Rica and other tropical destinations. Also the plane tickets are pretty damn expensive.

BUT, this year I was so incredibly lucky to get the opportunity to visit Greenland through work. We travelled on a Friday, got back next Thursday and were fortunate enough to have Saturday and Sunday off of work. This meant loads of sightseeing around Nuuk where my client have its headquarter.

So, even though I still have loads of Sri Lanka tales waiting to escape my pocket, and a full Barcelona trip to talk about, it is time for my Greenland adventures to be put out into the world.

We took of Friday morning and flew with Greenland Air from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq for a short layover. Big thumbs up for Greenland Air who undoubtedly had the friendliest staff I have ever experience on a plane. They were all funny, kind and loveable.

Sadly it was a cloudy day, so landing in Kangerlussuaq wasn’t as beautiful as I had hoped. The flight from Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk was aboard a much smaller plane, which was not for my liking. But we all survived!


37 people, that’s how many this miniature plane could fit


By now I’ve read hundreds of airplane safety instructions, but this one I’ve never seen before


We could a nice little glimpse of the scenery around Nuuk after we made it below the clouds.


How funny is this?? It literally fits three suitcases

If you look at a map of Greenland it makes zero sense to have a layover in Kangerlussuaq when going to Nuuk from Copenhagen, but the runway in Nuuk simply isn’t long enough to greet the bigger planes. So as of know loads of small planes are taking people to Nuuk from Kangerlussuaq. Luckily Nuuk is working on improving their runway so that they can eventually handle bigger planes.


A good advice, if ever in Nuuk, is to run to the taxi line as fast as you can. It gets long pretty quickly, and apparently there is only around 4 cabs in Nuuk (not actually, but that’s what it felt like when waiting 30 minutes to get a cab…).

When we finally got at cab, we were instantly struck with the beauty of Nuuk. It was a cloudy day but the colorful houses and oceanside location still managed to blow me away. Most of all it was quite different from anything else I’ve seen, except maybe from the most northern part of Norway.

We went straight from the airport to our company’s office in Nuuk where we worked a few hours. During our lunch break we were lucky enough for the fog and clouds to go away for a little, which all of a sudden showcased the beautiful mountains surrounding the city. The sight of the mountains took the beauty of the place to whole other level.

After work we went to see our apartment. We were lucky enough to stay with a Copenhagen co-worker that’s currently deployed to the Nuuk office. He stays in the penthouse apartment in the tallest building in Nuuk, much to our delight. The view was nothing short of spectacular and I had to keep pinching myself every morning to believe that what I was seeing was actually real.


We were lucky enough to get snow on our first day, but also lucky enough that it was only our first day. Every other day we had a clear blue sky and the beautiful, but incredibly sharp,  sun

After seeing the apartment we went for a short walk around Nuuk. It. Is. So. Beautiful.


On our first night we were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights. This is something I have had on my bucket list for as long as I can remember, and experiencing it was everything I had hoped it would be and more. With a cup of hot tea in my hand I spent as long as my neck and body temperature could handle staring up into the sky. Luckily we saw this natural phenomenon four out of six nights in Nuuk, so I got to enjoy it plenty.


After the first day I already felt like I had experienced enough new things to go home and be happy about it, but so many incredible experiences were to come. Waking up the next morning and seeing the sight below was one of them.


I woke up the first morning and screamed at my co-worker that she absolutely HAD to get up and see the view




Still views from the apartment



On our Saturday off we had planned to do some shopping around Nuuk, possibly to buy something made out of seal fur. Nuuk downtown is very small, so after two hours of, mainly window, shopping, we were done. I ended up only buying an art piece, which I was perfectly happy with.


I bought this beautiful art piece in Nuuk


Beautiful Nuuk. The buidlings are an interesting mix of styles. Beautiful wooden house and odd industrial building all mixed together, and for some reason it just works

After our shopping trip it was time to go sailing. An experience that deserves an entire post of its own. So does the Sunday activity of hiking, so other than a few more pictures of general Nuuk happenings, this will be it for now.


The is the mounatain Nuuk is famous for; Sermitsiaq


Dinner with a view!



That calls for a Carlsberg (Tuborg)


Living-room-view-goals – again…..


And again


Goodbye Greenland 😦

You should be seriously excited for the two next posts! CRAZY beautiful pictures coming up.