Euro travel pact


The three biggest thought processes I had during the weekend I spent in Amsterdam was 1. “I am in LOVE with Amsterdam,” 2. “I LOVE life” and 3. “WHY don’t I do this more often?” 

To elaborate a bit on that last one; it really is a shame. With the plane ticket, the apartment, the food and the bit of shopping I did (really I only bought cheese) I probably spend a total of $400. Not bad at all, compared to what I got out of the trip. 

This I why I have made a pact with myself that I have to do at least three mini euro trips every year. They’re cheap, easy to fit in to a busy schedule like mine and you still get SO much out of it. Paris, Berlin, London, Prague, Rom, Faroe Islands, Barcelona, Stockholm, Dublin, Iceland. Yeah I think you get the picture, the list is never ending. So you are here by a witness of this pact that I have made with myself. Feel free to comment mean things at me if I don’t stick to it!

Edit: This post was written December 22nd 2015 (wow I just had to doublecheck when typing that – that’s two and half years ago!!!!!). I never posted it because I wanted to write about the above mentioned Amsterdam trip first, but that post is also still saved in my drafts. So here it is.

I’ve stuck with the pact though!! Which makes me very happy. In 2016 I went on weekend trips to Florence, Italy, Prague, Czech Republic and Utrecht, Holland. In 2017 I went on weekend trips to London, England (twice), Reykjavik, Iceland and on short trips to Oslo, Norway and Malmö, Sweden.

On every trip I still get those same feelings of “I LOVE life” and “WHY don’t I do this more often!?”

For 2018 I’ve only been to Budapest, Hungary this far, but the year has only just begun.

I’m pretty sure I’ll try and stick with the pact until I can’t walk on my own anymore.

// Annika