Dream come true – Floating above Cappadocia


As I mentioned in my Cappadocia post; flying in a hot air balloon above the magical landscape of Cappadocia is what brought me to Turkey in the first place.

And I honestly couldn’t think of any other activity that could get me to set my alarm for 3:37 am. For the hot air balloon I did it without complaining.

Getting up was actually easy peasy. It always is when you’re truly excited for something, regardless of the time. And it also helped that a few other people in my dorm room were also getting up, and for those that were still a sleep I couldn’t leave my alarm ringing.

After quickly getting ready I walked out of my dorm room and saw the stars, and instantly got the most amazing feeling in my stomach. The sky was completely clear and I could see sooo many stars. Also at this point in time I knew that the trip was really happening. This was a major relief since it had been cancelled three days in a row before I got to Cappadocia due to too much wind.

I got picked up by a car that did a few stops around Göreme and then took us to the balloon central. Coincidentally the three sweet Australians that I had watched the worldcup finally with were also in my car. Here we had a tiny breakfast and was briefed on what was going to happen. We then got in a car with the pilot we were granted, and off towards the ballons we were. At first our driver couldn’t find our pilot or our balloon. We probably spent an extra 10-15 minutes driving around before we finally located Deniz. That made me a bit worried, as I was about to majorly challenge on of my fears (heights!) and really just wanted everything to run smoothly. In the end everything worked out, and before I knew it the balloon was slowly but steadily being filled with air.

As we first started ascending a little girl on board started singing “I believe I can fly, I belive I can touch the sky” – It was so cliché, but with those words she nailed what I was feeling too.  But now, let’s let the pictures do the talking.


Seeing the big valley with all of the balloons going up was beautiful in itself, and at this point I still didn’t even know what was coming for me.



Thats me right there! We were about 20 people in the basket, but it was big enough for everyone to stand by the side. The basket was dividided in to four parts. I shared my little compartment with a an aussie couple on their honeymoon and a british couple (living in L.A) on a quick get-away from their kids.



The landscape though…


The background on my Iphone has been a picture of me surfing in Sri Lanka for the last 2 years, but this picture have beaten it for now. Just. Wow.



Hiiii from a happy potato



I mean……



Notice the bride in the middle of a photoshoot!!!!


There’s about 100 balloons in the air each morning.





Bye bye my beautiful balloon.


Our lovely pilot Deniz.


As we were landing one of the guys catching us plucked a flower mid-landing and gave it to me. So sweet.


We celebrated our trip with a cherry juice champagne drink and a piece of cake.


The landscape bathing in the orange dawn light was too good to be true.

I got back to my hotel at 7 am and wow. They brand it as being an experience of a lifetime, and it truly was. It was worth every penny. It didn’t feel real. I was left, and really still am, speechless.

// Annika

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