Majestic nature close to London


I’ve discovered the perfect London day trip. Well.. discovered might be a big word to use, since the amount of people on the train from London quite clearly showed that this day trip is no secret. Going on this trip have inspired me to rethink city breaks. Why not spend a day seeing a completely different part of the country? It was incredible and gave me so much.

Now no more small talking.

I recently caught a train out of Victoria Station here in London, and after a quick stopover in the miniature town of Lewes, I ended up in Seabridge; the perfect place to start a hike across Seven Sisters Cliffs. An abundance of beautiful chalk cliffs located on the south coast of England, as a part of the South Downs National Park.

In Seabridge we made a quick stopover in a cafe to gain fuel from a coffee and a croissant, and then bought (what seemed like) the entire supermarket. With a backpack stuffed with water, snacks and lunch, it was time to start the 20 km hike across the cliffs to Eastbourne on the other side.

I won’t say much more other than the fact that it was amazing. Let’s make the pictures do the talking.

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