Doing absolutely nothing in Malaga


I usually prefer to be a traveler, an adventurer or maybe even an explorer when I get on a plane and head for somewhere new. This time around, however, I was a tourist on vacation.

You know the kind of trip where it really doesn’t matter where about in the world you find yourself, because all you really do anyway is relax. It was a first for me, and I liked it more than I was expecting to (though it definitely won’t replace my usual way of traveling).

And to say that the country of origin didn’t matter AT all would also be to lie. I did visit the Picasso museum in the city that the artist himself was born in, and all of the time that wasn’t spend laying down on my beach towel was spent devouring Spanish food, wine and sangria. Something that most definitely taste better and feels more right when you’re in Spain.

I don’t remember the last time I’ve relaxed like this (well that’s not true – it was in Turkey about a month ago, but that was a bit different as I was still being active with kitesurfing).

My top three moments of the trip were:

Nudist beach – We visited a nudist beach, which was a first for all of us. The first few minutes were a bit odd, but I quickly adjusted to the nakedness of everyone. The craziest part was that there was a bar/cafe. Ordering drinks and eating lunch in a cafe were two things I never thought I’d be doing naked, but now I can check em off of the list. Other than feeling incredibly free, what was so amazing about the nudist beach experience was that it really had me thinking about and questioning why being naked at the beach isn’t the norm. Why was bathingsuits ever created?
A man got in the ocean with his two friends while we were there and uttered a loud “Eyyyyy – it’s as free as we can be.” And he was right.

Beach + beer + talks – One of our days at the beach turned into a deeper conversation than we usually get into. And one beer turned in to six. All of a sudden it was 8 PM and we had missed lunch time. It was just one of those perfect days, and there isn’t much more to say about it.

Boat trip – We went on a three hour boat trip on a huge catamaran. Being on the water was incredible as always. Especially stopping the boat in the middle of the sea to continously jump of and get back on the boat. I loved it.

And of course also all of the food I ate…

The gist of my trip was somewhat like this:

Day 1: woke up and went to the bakery, ate breakfast, went to the beach, went to dinner, went out for drinks, went to bed.


The view from our rooftop terrace – The whole building had acess to it, but we didn’t meet anyone else up there



Una cerveza por favor



We had the BEST dinner on the first night. Here featuring tuna tartat and the next picture duck tartat, which was a first for me.



We found this incredible bar that was owned by a very ecentric lady. The look of the place was not very inviting, but she had every bottle of alcohol and mixed some killer cocktails. We visited a few times.



Day 2: woke up and went to the bakery, ate breakfast, went on a day trip to a nudist beach, ate lunch at the beach, came back and had dinner, watched a movie, went to bed.



Visiting a nudist beach for the first time was a really cool experience for me

Day 3: woke up and had breakfast, went up on our rooftop terrace, went grocery shopping at a market, went to the Picasso museum (where they also had an incredible Andy Warhole exhibition), went back to the rooftop, cooked and ate dinner, played games and drank wine on the rooftop, went to bed.



A street artist had placed these old school pixelized mosaics all over town on street corners. I of course loved it.



I loved the architecture in Málaga. Esepecially how most windows in the old buildings were really double doors.



I am in love with this picture. I had never seen it before. 




Day 4: woke up and had breakfast, went on a three hour boat trip, went to the beach, went to dinner, watched a movie, went to sleep.


Day 5: woke up and had breakfast, went on the rooftop all day, went out for ice cream, did some shopping, went to dinner, went to a hookah bar, went to bed.


I looooove this picture. Our rooftop tanning days could only happen because of this shower. At least every half hour you needed to wash off to be able to handle the heat. 


Day 6: woke up, went out for breakfast, went to the beach, went to dinner, went to bed.



Nature is so freaking cool. LOOK AT THESE BABY SHELLS.


Some of the best octopus I have had. Yum yum yum.

We basically did nothing and saw nothing! But I’ve read three books, eaten a whole lot of amazing food, completely unwinded and worked on my tan with such an intense effort that I haven’t shown since my University of Tampa days. And most importantly I’ve become even closer with my two best friends.

Malaga was great. I loved the palm trees, the architecture and the food, and the Picasso museum is definitely also worth a visit. The beach isn’t really anything special, but it has a good view and is perfect for adults who like being in the water. The negative side to the city is that it is touristy, and there’s way too many Danes (this comes from a person who prefers not meeting any Danes when traveling).

If I had to choose, I definitely prefer the adventurous trips where I get to explore and have my mind blown with new experiences, but one doesn’t necessarily have to leave out the other. And this trip taught me that just laying is completely okay. Sometimes.

// Annika